Skin Post Radiation

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My husband is 5 weeks post chemo radiation for SCC BOT cancer.  On his chin he has recently developed some small blister/acne type lesions.  No oozing yet but at least one of them seems to be developing what looks like a pocket of fluid or swelling under it.  Did this happen to anyone?  We don't see our medical team for a few weeks.  


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    I had a similar experience 3 weeks after treatment ended, in the area of my main rads.  It took me 6 days, watching it spread to behind my ear, before a new category of pain convinced me it wasn't 'normal' healing. The blisters looked like a nasty case of poison ivy, as a point of reference. A week's worth of Valacyclovir (Valtrex) did the trick. 

    Just something to consider. 

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    I've had severe shingles.  It

    I've had severe shingles.  It does not look like it yet but thanks for the idea.  It is not nothing.  I'm watching it.  He says there is no pain at all and no itching but they crust over. Ugh.  I guess everything is not cancer related but given the proximity to the treatment area it is hard not to think it is related somehow.