So nervous due to nurse's negligence

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The more I think of my 3rd infusion getting closer to its schedule, the more I become a nervous wreck! I don't think I will have this panic attack if the nurse listened to me the day she put the tape over the port that its painful the infiltrate won't happen. And because of the nurse's stubbornness I'd suffered for 46 hours of agony. Now I get so nervous, and had no clue nor idea how to cope with anxiety.


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    I feel your pain and no one should have to go through that! First of all, ask for another nurse. Don't worry about hurting her feelings. It sounds like she needs a little wake-up call, anyway. I had one nurse stick a needle in my port without first giving me a lidocaine shot, and that was the last time I let it happen. If you see them coming up on you with that tape, push their hand away. I know it's hard to get aggressive with the complacent healthcare 'professionals', but in the long run it will save you a lot of pain and suffering, and you'll feel good standing up for yourself. I used to be a quiet bystander in the beginning and it cost me a lot. Now I scream in their faces if I have to.



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    Thank you, Krista. Tomorrow

    Thank you, Krista. Tomorrow is the infusion day. I hope the chemo will go smoothly through my vein not into my skin. I still have the bruise by my breast and nearby my port and still noticeable and hurt me off & on. One nurse at the same clinic adviced me to request paper tape to put on rather than clear tape. The trouble are the tape & the needle where it was poked in. The nurse didn't do it right as the oncologist found out afterwards. The chemo already spread throughout my skin & not through the vein where it's supposed to. I was in pain for 46 hours. No sleep at all!! I still don't know how I made it through without any sleep. All I know was to pull the day to get the pump out of me :(