Radiation effects



HL patient just finished ABVD chemo about a month ago and just 2 days ago completed 10 radiation sessions. I know am experiencing what feels like a lump in my throat making it difficult to swallow, even water. Radiologist gave me the mouthwash but doesn't seem to be helping very much. Any recommendations, or idea how long this will last?

thank you.. 


  • Max Former Hodgkins Stage 3
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    I am making an educated guess and thinking you had very early-stage disease Maritza.  

    Treatments for Lymphoma are about 90% or more just chemotherapy. Radiation is usually reserved for incipient disease (usually Stage I, sometimes mild Stage II also), or rarely the opposite extreme: to debulk massive nodes, but usually prior to any chemo.  Hence, not too many have radiation experience here, but I hope someone will have some ideas. I am also assuming the radiation was applied to the neck ?

    When you say "radiologist," do you mean the tech who ran the machince, or a radiation oncologist ?  If it was not your oncologist, give him a call first opportunity.