New Findings ? Need Help! Please !

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Good morning everyone


I am unsure if the catagory is on this discussion board. 


I am 34 years old, full time job and full time wife & mommy to my 2 wonderful children and school part time. 

In February i was sent to Hemo/Onc due to  DVT, bone pain, night sweats, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and can't no longer go up a flight of stairs my legs tremble and with severe thubbing pain. The Dr ran several tests and it shows that my Igm is slightly elevated and Dr also did Kappa/Lamda w/ ratio. On this test the Free Kappa is elevaled by 2620 lamda is at 2130( normal range and ratio came out normal.  ESR:33 The Dr ordered back to the office and now to run other tests, dr ran the same test but IFE, SPEP, ESR & IFE w/ k & L ratio , Immogulins. I can only see the immungloblins for now. It shows that the Igg went up significantly from 1420 to 1559 and IGM went from 298 to 405 and ESR went from 33 to 38,  I was tested for HIV, Hepatitis, all came out negative. 


Does anyoneby any chance know why or what this all means? 


I would really appreciate any advice? 


Thank you,