Nausea and gagging after surgery


I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Uterine cancer and had a full hysterectomy 5 weeks ago. Lymph nodes were clear and the surgeon was pleased that there was no spread ( and of course, so was I). Since about 10 days I have had tightening ( gagging) in my throat and nausea that comes and goes. I have also noticed I burp occasionally and haven't put on weight no matter what I eat. The last two were there even before the surgery for about 2 months before the surgery) but the gagging is new. I'm working with my primary care doctor who has told me to get an appt for an endoscopy. 

I had been relieved after my surgery and thought it was all behind me. Now I'm worried. Has anyone else gone through this?

thank you in advance for any comments. 




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    General Anaesthesia

    You could be having a reaction to general anaesthesia. I know that sounds odd, given that your surgery was 5 weeks ago, but my body really, REALLY does not like GA and it takes a long time for it to wash out of my system. Remember you did have major surgery, and a cancer diagnosis is a HUGE stress; that could certainly be contributing to your symptoms. It's good your're haivng an endoscopy to put your mind at rest. 

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    Lotus, it's so good to hear

    Lotus, it's so good to hear that the cancer was found early and that your prognosis is a good one! Unfortunately having a cancer diagnosis does not make one immune to other diseases. The endoscopy is a good idea and should help your medical team at least rule out some possible causes of your symptoms. Hopefully you can get it done soon so that you do not continue to suffer. Good luck to you! Kim

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    Thank you SO much for your

    Thank you SO much for your responses kvdyson and dermaus! I'm still trying to navigate this site and don't remember getting a notification of your responses. I just happened to check randomly. 

    I never did have the endoscopy. The gagging is better than before so I just want to give it more time. Honestly I was not ready for another procedure and waited it out.  not the best thing to do I know. 

    I am coming up on my three month appt and have started getting nervous again. I keep having random sharp pains on my lower left abdomen. Also am so tired even after so much time. I'm 61 yrs old. not sure if that has anything to do with it. 

    Fingers crossed. 

    Thank you again!

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    HI Lotus, I don't think the

    HI Lotus, I don't think the system is capable of flagging you when someone has replied to your posting. If it has such a capacity I'm unaware of it...usually I just check a couple of times a day to see what's new. Glad to hear you're doing well!