Doctor won't give straight answer about diagnosis


I have been going back and forth to doctor's for months now. It all started with a trip to my family doctor to have my thyroid checked. 4 or 5 appointments later, they sent me for ultrasounds. I had a cyst on my ovary so they referred me to my gyno. First appointment was the pap, then she scheduled the biopsy. She redid all of my bloodwork and both ultrasounds. Then, she scheduled a D & C and a cold knige conization. Her office called a few days later saying that they didnt get a good enough sample so they were referring me to an oncologist. My appointment is on the 16th. I asked if I had cancer after the original biopsy and She said no (it was just severe dysplasia). After the conizatiin, I asked again. She wouldn't give me a straight answer at all. She kept beating around the bush and then said, we'll, it's not invasive cancer." And she repeated that about 3 or 4 times in the conversation (it was just really weird the way she kept saying it). The only thing I can think of is that my D&C didn't come back good. It's just really frustrating that I've been going back and forth to the doctor every week for months and still can't get a straight answer. I love my doctor, but her staff is frustrating. 


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    Can you get a copy of the d+c

    Can you get a copy of the d+c report? That surely is frustrating! I hope that seein the oncologist should give you some answers.

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    It sounds like you should

    It sounds like you should find a new doctor.  Love her or not, her staff is acting on her behalf and I think you should have some answers by now.  Please consider finding another primary gyn.  Questions deserves answers.

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    I agree with the others. You

    I agree with the others. You should ask for a copy of the pathology report from the d&c. That will provide you with the information you need to decide on next steps. If it states that cancer has been found, you should consult with a gynecological-oncologist as they are the experts in this type of cancer. Your current doctor is not doing you any favors by being evasive. Good luck to you and keep us posted. Kim

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    Straight Answer

    I am sorry to hear of this fragmented care you are receiving. If the doctor didn't get a good enough sample- that is determined by the pathologist who read the specimen slide or tissue. Your doctor or the pathologist suspects a condition that could be better diagnosed or treated by an oncologist. Telling you that you don't have invasive cancer isn't the same as saying we don't suspect cancer. You have the right to get your questions answered. Schedule a same day appointment or insist the doctor call you and tell her/him that you need to get a better understanding of why you are being referred to an oncologist. Please make sure to have another person with you to help you process what you are being told. It is terrible that some providers are such poor communicators and or don't know how to ensure the consumer understands what the next steps and rational for referral to another specialist or healthcare  provider is for. Sign a Release of Information at the clinic for ALL of the office visits, lab tests and results, pathology reports, ultrasounds, other imaging such as x-rays or scans, all consult notes, and all medication records. Your oncologist will want this information but you also need your medical records too. Also it may be helpful to write out the questions you have ahead of time. Then if not satisfied get a second opinion.