I'm on cloud 9 today


I've had hypopharyngeal SCC and been NED for about a month, rad and kemo applied.

I don't know why but today I feel like I'm on cloud 9 in a long time, about 6 mo. No pain, no discomfort. My depression is gone, feel happy and want to do things. Have full of energy, hungry and want to eat the world. I want to socialize. Went out to the supermarket with my dad to stock up on groceries so I can start cooking again but before that, we stopped by at a restaurant for lunch. I had my usual, noodle soup pho. Boy was that good. My taste buds were so excited that they're dancing in the streets, yes my taste is almost back. I wolf it down and behold, no problems swallowing. Is it good not to eat odds and ends at home. Even my perverbial drymouth seems gone AWOL.

Feels like everything good came together for me today to enjoy. Why so different from yesterday? Does a cancer stressed body change overnight for better? No answer, don't care. Wait, there might be an answer. I've really hunkered down to get food down and eat a lot more. My kemo oncologist chastized me for my weight loss and lack of eating. She threatened to reinstall the PEG if I don't eat more. Ahhh, eating is the key. Eating = energy and strength for the body = cancer says I don't like that, it's so obvious.

Care to go to the beach tomorrow? Maybe, I haven't been there for years although it's only 50 mi away from here. I almost forgot I had cancer today. Feels like months before diagnosis when I wasn't aware that cancer was in my future.

Life is great and I'm glad I'm human. Only humans express compassion and gratitude. I wish all of you could be where I am today and appreciate all your answers and suggestions. Don't gloat and jinx it Tak, be very modest and just be grateful. I am so grateful and now so emotional.



  • Chicklette
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    I'm so happy you had such a wonderful day!  Here is to many many more and a bright future! :)