Ependymoma Grade II

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My son is 13.5 old, has been diagnosed with Ependymoma Grade II. He had his surgery in February and radiation Therapy for 6 week has been done. He is doing fine after that but I am very concerned about his future health. Can anybody guide with some tips for care?


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    19 year old son with Ependymoma Grade II

    Nssg, I am so glad that your son is doing well! My son was also diagnoised with the same tumor, his surgery on July 18, 2017 removed 100% as well. His dr.s disagree on whether he should have radiation or not. We prefer that he dosnt because of fear of the potential side effects. That is one reason why I have done 100's of hours of research trying to find ways to help my son. There is so much information on the internet about cancer it is very overwhelming at times. However, we are trying a few things from what I learned so far.  We have changed his diet, he never consumes SUGAR-cancer feeds on sugar (check labels, its practically in everything processed right down to bread), he only eats organic foods, grass feed, antibiotic and hormone free meats. poultry, and dairy products. He also takes 6000 mgs of Lipo Vitamin C daily as well as Ketones. He was taking several other supplements but devleoped blood clots from such a long hospital stay, so many of those had to be discontinued. I have found a lot of aditional resources on natural cancers treatment/prevention if you are interested. Currently, Michael is doing very well, he is working full-time and taking full-time online college classes.