Brain Radiation as a preventative measure

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I was just told yesterday that I am in remission from my small cell lung cancer.  My Doctor wants me to have 10 radiation treatments to my brain as a preventative measure and I was just wondering if anyone has had this, how their experience was, I'm kind of torn if I want to get it or not.  Any feedback would be appreciated!  Thank you



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    Hi there, my mom was recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma (SCLC) and her oncologist has her doing brain radiation as a preventative measure as well.  I don't know exactly what for, but he says he has all his lung cancer patients do it.  

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    brain radiation

    is commonly given to sclc pts. 

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    Brain Radiation as a preventative measure


    Palliative treatments like radiation don't really prevent cancer. They only relieve symptoms and reduced suffering caused by cancer. 

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    PIC (prophylactic cranial irradiation)


    preventive brain radiation is called prophylactic brain irradiation, or PCI. Since the brain is one of small cell lung cancer's first choices for metastases, PCI is thought to zap any microscopic Mets that might be trying to set up shop there.

    I'm 60 years old and was diagnosed in March 2017 with limited stage small cell lung cancer. In mid-June I completed 4 rounds of chemo (cisplatin and etopiside) and 6 1/2 weeks of radiation. A brain MRI in early July showed no metastases. My radiology/oncologist is not convinced that PCI is the best way to go, even though that is currently the national standard. He told me that PCI can cause permanent cognition damage to the brain, and would suggest in my case that I get frequent MRIs (every 3 months). Then if Mets show up, they can be treated with radiation and more chemo. I agree with this plan. This doctor, and a group of other radiologists, are looking into conducting a clinical trial on PCI. My doctor is employed by one of our state's leading research/teaching hospitals, and I trust his judgment.

    I hope this helps. Best wishes to all of you.






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    my husband will be receiving PCI as a precausion in October, studys have showed that by doing PCI it takes the chances from 60 % to 30% of the cancer reoccuring to the brain. that may not seem like a lot, but in the medical world that is pretty significant. and if it has min side effects, compared to getting cancer in the brain. we have chose it. my husband is 47 and young and healthy. he had two rounds of chemo, and starts radiation and chemo together next week. there is no evidence of the cancer anywhere else, so they are treating him as if he is curable. (limited stage)