A.M. Bloody Phlegm and Nose Bleeds - avastin and folfiri

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Hi all - Has anyone noticed that they experience more morning phlegm possibly associated to the chemo.  I have avastin prior to chemo, and have had nose bleeding since about 5th treatment, and also bloody phlegm in a.m.  Have never had problem with phlegm and just wondering if it is associated to the chemo, and also if nose bleeding is draining into my throat and causing the blood in the phlegm first thing in the morning.  Don't seem to have this during day, just when I get up.  Thanks for any input you can share. 


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    Bloody nose



    i get get the same thing in the morning, blood in nose, not running, but dried blood with a little plegm.  I'm on my 7 th infusion.  I think the chemo affects the rapidly dividing cells, which are in he nose, mouth, etc... once I blow my nose, I'm good. 

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    I get the same thing Bellen. 

    I get the same thing Bellen.  Mine lasts much longer pretty much all day,and lasts for days.  I thought it was allergies, but is probably the chemo meds like you say.  I haven't had as much this last week since I am not on the xeloda this week.