any very long term survivors here of Nasopharyngeal cancer?


I was wondering if there were any long term survivors here. I am 16 years post nasopharngeal cancer treatment chemo and rads from the UK. I have had countless problems from the treatment in the form of late onset comlicationsand seem to go through cyles of them appearing. I am currently ulcerating at the old tumour site. anyone else had this problem? I fel I can never get away from this consition even though I am back to work in the job I love (after years out of my job doing somethinlighter whilst my body very slowly got itslef back to normal. I saw someone write on this forum that radiation is the gift that keeps on giveing and how so very apt is that!!


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    Yep twice

    I had Squamous Cell Carcinoma when I was 25 and when I was 39. I am now 47 and still going. I have part of my lower jaw missing and talk funny, but I can eat mostly soft food with lots of water or liquids to wash them down. I have been having a lot of pain at the treatment sights and my Dr won't let me have any pain meds because they are all on this getting hooked on pain meds thing, so I just keep moving forward and try not to be in a bad mood and make eveyone around me in a bad mood from the pain. Other than that I try to keep my chin up and enjoy a lot of the little things in my life :) Have a good one!