First stage, help

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My father, 30+ years smoker, about 55 years old has stage 1 cancer - poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma. I am looking for direction on what to do next. Is it possible to cure it? What kind of procedures are suitable for him? How much can he survive?


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    First stage, help

    I'm sure you're very frightened, but thankfully it has been diagnosed early! Stage 1 means it hasn't spread. Hopefully surgery is an option. What has his oncologist said? Here's a link to a (hopefully) helpful article. 

    This article also has other links on what to do and how to help. Best of luck to you and your father!

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    Stage two lung cancer with emphysema

    My husband has been diagnosed with both about 3 months ago.  He is not a candidate for surgery and is receiving radiation and chemo.  What can I expect from these therapies.


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    Truly depends on many things

    His overall health, what type of lung cancer and if small or non small cell, where the tumor(s) are located and yes if spread. IF you could provide more info that would help. Also you can call this site's 24/7 help line at 1-800-227-2345. Many very helpful people just waiting to provide answer and direct you to resources.