Raised bumps on Port stitch line

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Hello all - For those who have had a port for their chemo - has anyone had pimple-like bumps form on the stitch line.  I had one form (told probably embedded stitch), now another has popped up further along stitch line.  Now I have two bumps.  Sometimes they look more red - and if they are stitches, why do they not grow out.  Had port inserted last Sept - first bump appeared about 2 mos after insertion, and this second one just recently.  Wish they would heal or work themselves out if they are stitches.  My Onco doesn't want to mess with the port line and just says watch them and if they get irritated, he would order an antibiotic.  Looks like a pimple on the stitch line, right near tubing, and never changes.  Would appreciate any suggestions or thoughts, especially if you have had bumps form on the port stitch line.  Thanks so much.


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    Mine is right next to the tubing above the collarbone

    Mine is above the collarbone next to the tubing on my neck. I went to Walgreens and asked what cream should I apply on it. She handed me Neosporin Triple action. It seems to help. Hope yours will go away.

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    port stitches

    I had a few stitches pop through instead of dissolve while I was getting chemo.  I guess they looked like pimples, not sure it was almost 10 years ago.  I would either clip them or try to get the nurses to. I also had one nasty stitch that poked into the chest wall every time they accessed the port.  All that went away and my incision smoothed out after I completed the 12 rounds of chemo.  I think the chemo, especially the Avastin which keeps new blood vessels from forming, slows down the healing and adsorption of internal stitches.  Also, one of the nurses told me that a dissolvable stitch wond't dissolve outside the body, so you do have to clip them.  Good luck, Traci

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    Bumps on stitch line

    The bumps I have on the stitch line look like a pimple and feel like a round lump.  The one can be seen as it is a bit reddish and can certainly be felt as a bump.  I don't see any stitches surfacing - although looks like a stitch might be embedded.  Just wish they would heal up.  The one has been there for many months and I really don't know what has caused them.