Still have neuropathy from Folfox/Oxy chemo


Hi, I am new to the forum, I was diagnosed Nov 2015 with a tumor in the rectum. Had 28 traditions, 6 weeks of 24/7 chemo, surg resection of tumor with temp illiostomy (for 12 weeks) then take down, then 12 sessions of Folfox/Oxy plus others that I don't remember currently.  I had many of challenges others have experienced and detailed here on the forum. I still have to manage my BMs with diet and OTC Immodium. I also have quit a bit of neuropathy in my feet...both have the feeling of numbness, similar to how your mouth would feel after visiting the dentist. Anyone else have any neuropathy from Oxy treatmen?


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    I was told that it could take up to 2 years for neuropathy to subside IF IT WAS GOING TO DO SO.  After 2 years, it's likely permanent. I still have some neuropathy in my feet 9 years later. It isn't debilitating; acupressure insoles help tremendously.  I also have lost some of my fine motor skills.

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    Yes for me, also

    I had treatment back in 2013 and still suffer from neuropathy in my lower legs, feet and fingertips. Its an odd feeling, and is not something that I am used to, even now. I can live with it though, as it does not hurt, and I am able to hike around with minimal problems. 

    Welcome to the forum.  I hope you will recieve some comfort knowing that others here suffer as you do,


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    After my Oxaliplatin x Xeloda...

    After my Oxaliplatin x Xeloda I got Neuropathy in my hands and feet, that was July 2016.

    The Neuropathy in my hands is almost gone, my feet are lagging behind.

    I can feel things getting better everyday.

    Best of luck to you 

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    You may find LOMOTIL  more effective and easier to take than immodium.  Get a dx for it and give it a try.  Good Luck!!

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    It's been over two years

    It's been over two years since I had the oxy and I still have neuropathy in my feet. Just the bottoms. It feels like walkig on a roguh surface. Mostly I don't even notice it anymore and it has improved over the past two years. It used to feel like they were asleep. Then I wnt through a period where they felt kind of prickly. I'm pretty much used to it now and it doesn't bother me.


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    to all of you who responded...glad I found this site!