Today we meet with the new oncologist *update*

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my husband's old oncologist was just awful. He called us names, I was nervous wife because I cried once when he had a PET scan show a recurrence, and he was a moron because he opted to not do chemo first time around. 

Right now he has highly elevated liver enzymes that jumped from normal in a month ( alp 352, bilirubin 3.7, ast 127, alt 258). He actually started to feel better this weekend and his color improved. The old oncologist did call with ct scan results saying it was unchanged from the last clear scan in January and he should see a GI doctor. However I am not getting ecxcited until we see the new oncologist, since his CEA was also 13, from an already high 6. 

Luckily the new dr told us if he felt worse over the weekend to go to the ER since the old one refused to give his consent for that and when we did go they sent us home because the old dr told them it was just cancer and not to bother looking for anything else. 


Still I am pretty nervous going in to this appointment, expecting the worst, hoping for the best. 


I am am editing this to add he has type 2 diabetes, but the past two weeks his number were so high, his fasting test was over 300, very abnormal for him, but over the weekend his numbers have gone back to more manageable as well. Fasting draws now range 150-180, still not good much better. He is not overweight either he is only 160 lbs.



So just like the old dr said his scan was clear his liver looks great no  reason why this happening, this was good and bad news. We have an appointment with his GI doctor tomorrow to do more tests.



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    New Oncologist

    Dear Ruthmomto4, I am very sorry about your old oncologist's lack of empathy. Of all the times

    that a cancer victim and their family need understanding is now. I was very lucky that my oncologist

    is a great doctor and I pray your new one is also. When I was dianosed with stage four colon cancer

    my wife cried, but she was treated much different than you. We both love our doctor. I only tell you this

    because there are good oncologists out there and I pray that your new one is a good one. If you want hear a good story

    please read mine. It is entitled "How I Beat Stage Four Colon Cancer." Just go to my page an open my blog. God bless you and your families journey through this ordeal. blessed39

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    I too had to fire my oncologist.   Had my surgeon refer me to a new one.  She turned out to be a real gem.   Hope you have similar luck with your new oncologist!!