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I'm 43 years old and my husband has stage 4 lymphoma. We have been battling it for 3 years and it just keeps spreading. He is very sick. Our life consists of immunotheraphy and Dr. appointments. He sleeps a lot and I don't leave the house much because I feel like I need to be here if he needs me. I don't really have much of a life outside of the house or cancer really and I know that's not healthy. I know there are others out there like myself that are consumed by this world and could use someone to chat with and meet for coffee or whatever every once in awhile. I just need someone I can relate to. I feel so isolated and lonely. My friends and family just don't get it. Preferably someone with a great sense of humor who may have lost if through the darkness of the gravity of your situation. I need to laugh! I feel very sad and alone these days and really need to talk to someone about what I'm sure we are all feeling. It would be great to find someone who lives in south Orange County, CA to meet and chat with in person, but anyone who needs someone to talk to like myself feel free to reach out. Unfortunately, I get it. I lost my mom to cancer right before my husband was diagnosed. I am no stranger to cancer. 



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    Here's a possible thought...

    Hi, Tamara --

    So sorry to hear you are going through this, and not for the first time either. Isolation is the pits when you're caregiving and others don't get it.  I was a caregiver for each of my parents and my spouse, so yes, I get it. But -- yeesh -- what a thing to "get," huh?

    In Orange County, there's a Caregivers Resource Center. You might check them out to see about connecting with someone in your area.  Here's a link to their website --

    Also, when you and your husband go for his immunotherapy and doctor's appointments, do you ever chat with other patients and their families? Maybe there's someone sitting right next to you who would be a great coffee-buddy. You never know! 

    All the best -- keep us posted on how it works out.