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Has anyone had experience with CTCA in Newnan Ga?  I am going there Sunday for three days for second opinion. 


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    They are For-Profit

    Don't lose sight of that fact.  Make sure that they accept your insurance, or you will drown in expenses.  I called them on the phone when I was first dx'd, and they wouldn't even talk to me unless I committed to go there for all of my care.  This was when I responded to an ad "Have cancer questions?  Let us answer them.  Call XXX-XXX-XXXX"  I ran to someone else (I go to Sloan Kettering.)

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    I have posted some things before.

    I have not gone there.  But in the past people asked the question you have asked.  When I looked into it, Arub's and many similar things cropped up.  The one person I know who went to one did not fare well.  If I was going for a second (not sure where you are), they would not be on my list.  MSK, MD Anderson, Mayo and a host of others.  It is smart to get a second and not bad to get thirds even.  Not sure what the discussion is for you (on your chemo or other issues based on what you have gone through, looks like you are past surgery and in chemo?).  But if you are going for a second opinion for whatever reason and it is a three day trip, I would be heading to Texas or New York as my first choices.