My husband has completed his first week of treatment. For the past two nights he has had a fever 99.4-100.2.

He is doing well with fluid intake and eating. Is this common for the NPC patient to run a low grade fever during treatment?

I know I need to be certain he is hydrated properly during the fever. Any other things I should look out for?



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    Fairly common I believe.

    Hospital won't tell you to go in till you are solidly over 100.4

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    My husband used to run a fever in the evening, towards the end of each week of radiation.  Fridays, he would run anywhere from 100.1 to 100.7. He went to radiation in the afternoon. In the evening, after he got home, he would get chilled and run a fever for a few hours, and then it would be gone. I was super worried that he was getting sick, or had an infection, but that never seemed to be the case.

     He was treated for tonsil cancer with 6 ½ weeks of daily IMRT radiation and 3 rounds of Carboplatin.

    Of course, if your husband has any sign of an infection I would take him in to see his doctor ASAP, but for us, it just seemed to be a side effect of the radiation treatment.

    Good luck.


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    Thank you

    I really appreciate the advice and calmness. It really helped me last night.