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a couple of weeks ago I talk about a new ointment my r. oncologist suggest that a pharmacy rep had recently left him.  It is a wound dressing for radiation dermatitis.

when I had first mentioned it, it was I was gearing up for the really bad time.  The biggest help I found was it reduced the pain when pee hit the open sores.  

Well, I ended my treatment on April 10 in a similar stance as most every one.  I couldn't pass a toilet without breaking into a cold sweat.  I learned punching things helped when I actually had to use it.  I was so glad that underwear was no longer required even though boxers was all I was wearing by then.  

My healing plan was to use the Strata gel on the burnt skin and blisters but use the silver whatever on all the open/leaking areas.  By day 4, all my blisters were gone and the shiny new skin was replacing the charcoal grey skin.  I switch to just using the strata and now on day 11 post treatment, I have no open, bleading , leaking sores. I no longer scream from using the toilet.  all the inside bad stuff is still there So I still whimpRe.  I no longer have to use a Q tip to clean the areas.  I can actually use soap.

I have to be honest and say I don't if all of this is from the Strata or I acquired a fairy god mother.  I don't know if everyone will have this result.  I just thought I would provide some antidotal information in case it could help someone in the future.

good news is it is non-prescription.


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    I'm glad you're finished with treatment and that your recovery is going well!  Thanks for sharing your experience with the Strata gel.  It may be helpful to others who are currently in treatment.  I wish you continued forward progress in recovery!

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    Im so glad you are done with treatment and healing fast. The strata sounds like it worked for you! Thanks for helping to spread the word about it. I would have tried it if I had heard of it When I was going thru treatment.

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    Strata XRT GEL for open wounds after breast cancer radiation

    I finished radiation for breast cancer and three days after my last treatment the skin under my armpit broken completely. The pain was unbelievable. Nothing works, I tried at least 4 different products. Silvadene may be keep the wound clear of infection but did nothing in terms of pain and healing. After using the Strata XRT wound dressing for radiation dermatits my pain went from 10 to 2 (after week the pain dissapeared completely) and in 5 days I have beautiful baby skin in the place of open wound. I am a scientist by myself, so the results impressed me so much that I highly recommend it to every woman who has such bad side effects from radiation. I did not use it during radiation, so I do not know will it prevent skin broken effect that I have, but I DO KNOW that the gel has definetelty healing and regenerative effect to the skin cells. Only 20 grams of the gel was enough for me for one week of intense usage and i still have left a little bit. Thanks to such great product!

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    Do you need a prescription for strata xrt gel. Where can ibget it?

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    I got a sample from my radiation oncologist. He also gave me the name of the 1 pharmacy in a large city that I could get in at. No prescription was needed. That was 5 years ago so it might be more available.

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    thankfully you do not need a prescription! I just started my journey with it as my oncologist gave me a sample. I’m not sure if you can purchase from the website itself but they do have a website with a shop but it depends on your location! Hope that helps!

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    Were you able to or did you need to use other creams or lidocaine along with the StrataXRT ? If you did, did you put the StrataXRT on first then the other creams and ointments ?

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    I used it stand alone. Good luck on your journey.