Coconut Oil - an absolute godsend !!!!

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Hi there,

It's been a very long time since I was here last. This is my 3rd year since treatment for base of tongue cancer. I had 7 weeks radiation and 6 weeks chemo.

I have found that the last 6 months or so I have been waking in the middle of the night with my mouth absolutely bone dry, having water by my bed, drinking it and going back to sleep only to wake in the mornings with something like a dehydration headache.

I started reading online about fluoride not being good for you, I usually drink bottled water and not tap, still rely on water a bit and take a bottle with me everywhere.... so started looking into trying recipes online , making your own toothpaste, one having coconut oil.

This coconut oil had me curious so I googled "can I eat coconut oil "...... It was absolutely amazing what popped up and the benefits of coconut oil..... does anybody use or know about it ????

When I googled it a site popped up ... 23 reasons why coconut oil is good for you.

It's good for your hair, heart, dry mouth,  sore throat amongst other things... 2 - 4 spoons a day straight from the jar.

So I told my husband last night I would eat a spoon of it before bed. I was a bit dry during the night, nowhere near how I was. Woke in morning with no headache HALLELUJAH! !!!!!

This morning I took another spoonful before heading out and it took away that dryness for most of the day unbelievable! !!

Just wanted you all to know if looking for a remedy.

None of those sprays for dry mouth worked for me at all.

When I took my 1st mouthful of cocount oil, the 1st second or so is a bit weird. Because it's like putting a spoonful of semi solid butter in your mouth. Taste was very very nice, a bit nutty I thought. Once you overcome the texture in your mouth then it's all good. Coconut oil melts instantly on contact. I wish I had discovered this sooner.

A miracle for dry sore throats, especially for overnight !!! Xylimelts did not work for me, mouth was too dry and they fell out during the night.



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    Well, I've heard of "oil

    Well, I've heard of "oil pulling" where  you put a spoonful of solid coconut oil in your mouth in the morning and let is melt and hold it for a few minutes.  Go read the paper or emails and the spit it in the trash.  Not the drain!  Removes toxins and dentists are amazed.

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    Just be careful

    Too much can give you diarrhea and nausea.  I know ... I've been there and done that, myself.  However, if you slowly work your way up to three tablespoons a day, it is good for you.  I've also heard it's good for Alzheimers and ALS.  It doesn't hurt to try!  I'll keep it in mind for my husband when he starts treatments.

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    Ive used it now for just 2

    Ive used it now for just 2 days and still liking the results. But Im not using the maximum amount specified. Im just taking a full teaspoon in morning when I get up and same at night as I get into bed. I dont think that amount is going to hurt, hasnt so far. Im happy with the results so far. :-)

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    i try them all


    Good post.

    I have included coconut oil to my dry mouth tool shed.  It does have some redeeming qualities for soothing dry mouth.  Everything I try works some, but I have yet to find the golden bullet.  I am the first to admit xylimelts are not for many H&N members, they do get me through the night.  I have had good, but not overnight success with the coconut oil, but quite frankly I do not believe there is a cure for dry mouth in my future, only Band-Aids.

    This new normal (for me) is very different than Matt-of-old.  Food and eating, and sweets and meats have their place at my enjoyment table, but it is mostly relearned.  Don’t get me wrong, I know members with extremely limited recovery when it comes to food, eating and dry mouth and for my condition I feel fortunate.

    Keep spreading the word, it may be just the ticket for someone.


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    The dry mouth/food-taste post

    The dry mouth/food-taste post-cancer treatment world is an odd place.  Nothing seems permanent, tastes come and go, there are days when I don't notice the dry, and the next I'm swigging down gallons.  I think my Candida may have actually evolved to live on Nystatin, certainly it doesn't reduce it.  I am impressed that this site seems to be the only one I have found where people with direct experience offer informed opinions.   I am getting thru the night with a good bed-time dose of Biotene, and much spraying of Stoppers 4 (thanks Matt).  But, I am getting thru the night so it ain't so bad...

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    Dr y Mouth

    I am fortunate, so, far, only radiation to one side. However, radiation does seem to affect every gland and therefore, dry mouth seems plague most of us. I also keep a water bottle by the bed. The drugs did not seem to help me at all. During the day its very manageable, but, at night, so far, only, as Matt said, band-aids. The new norm's aren't by choice, but being treated is, and to that end, I am better off than I surely would have been with that garbage still in me, so, I awake at night, yawn during the day and hug my family more often.

    Thoughts and prayers - PC

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    Mine is getting better,

    Mine is getting better, glacially, I think.  Either that, or I am getting more proficient at applying the band-aids.  I have learned that Nystatin isn't intended to kill Thush, it is designed to keep it from spreading.  To kill the stuff you need to make its environment more acidic.  It thrives on an alkaline environment, which we probably introduced via chemo or antibiotics.  Mine has a distinct pattern, it doesn't grow in the area most exposed to my IMRT treatments.  But there are tons of things that are acidic and which Candida doesn't like.  Coconut and Sesame oil, saurkraut, dill pickles, carbonated soda water, tons of things. I also understand how I fed this crud.  At the end of treatment my mouth and throat were too beat up to do acidic food in any form, so I didn't.  I have been hosting the perfect environment for this stuff.