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Experiences with glioblastoma II on radiation and temodar following surgery


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    Experiences with glioblastoma II on radiation and temodar follow

    I'm 33, diagnosed with GBM stage 4, wife and three kids, mortgage, the who nine yards. 

    My diagnoses was sometime in February. Had brain surgery, entire turmor was removed, and thus began temodar, radiation, and something a little extra.

    So straight off, temodar won't make you tired (well depeneding on your age it could). But once you get to about to week 3 or 4 of radiation you start getting your butt kicked.It's like slapping you in your face until you're laying on the ground and then having their foot kicik you in the gut kicked. It's like you just want to cry because you don't understand howy your body cannot have any energy! For me it started at week 5. I have 6 more days of radiation and then I'll be done - and I can't freaking wait!

    The other thing I mentioned above is a drug called Nivolumab an immunotherapy drug. I'm in the clinical trial for it, I just don't know if I'm getting it or not ( I think I am). Which would explain all the other crazy side effects I'm having!


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    aww i hope you get better

    aww i hope you get better soon. :) 

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    Husband, aged 50, GBMIV

    How's it going James? Are things getting any easier? What's the latest news?

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    6 year and 11 month survivor of GBM Gr IV. I can attest to the impacts of radiation and Temador. It’s not easy; but through faith, it is possible. Stay as positive as possible and keep putting one foot in front of the other. God Bless!