Tesla 3 MRI Not for Everyone

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Just FYI for those who may not know: MRI imaging can help guide the urologist during biopsies and help assess the state of the prostate and whether extensions may be present.  Obviously the sharper and clearer those images are the better.  While the newer, high-powered Tesla 3 (3T) MRI machine provides high resolution, vivid images with extarordinary anatomical detail, they can not be employed if the patient has metal stents or other gadgets implanted in the body unless those products are certified to be safe.  I discovered this when I reported to the hospital for my scan last week.  My 21-year-old bare metal cardiac stents were not approved, and so I was rescheduled for a session in a conventional 1.5 Tesla machine.  My urologist thinks the images are adequate for the purpose, but I certainly would have had a greater degree of confidence had I been able to be "seen" by the 3T.


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    When I was first diagnosed, nine years ago, the doctor ordered a 1.5 along with a spectroscopy. The spectroscopy was considered investigational and I was required to pay out of pocket $800.00 in order to receive the better image.