Biopsy tomorrow


Sunday April 9, 2017; noticed my right groin was sore and then Monday and Tuesday I had really bad pain spreading down my mid inner thigh and Thursday morning I noticed a very large lump on my groin. It was hard did not move and was sore all around. I also had a very difficult time the night before when my husband and I tried to have sex it was extremely painful. 


I went to ER and did not have fever or any infection. Ultrasound showed multiple swollen lymph nodes, largest was 2.2 cm. I was referred to a hematologist and told I needed to go as soon as possible. I was seen the same day. Staff paid no mind to me in the beginning. Hematologist ordered a biopsy for Monday morning and a CT for Tuesday. He also referred me to a gynecological oncologist who I have to see this week. When left the staff seemed concerned  that freaked me out more than anything. I am 27 years old female and mother of 3  


Does anyone one know anything about lymph nodes growing quickly that are hard and doesn't move?


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    The wait begins...

    First of all, sorry you need to be here.

    Your description (a hard, non-moveable mass) does not seem to match typical lymph node "behaviour"... Based on your story and on my - very limited - personal  experience (as a patient, not a doctor), the CT might reveal a pubic fracture.

    Whatever the future holds, there is not much you can do at this point but wait for results. The radiologist will likely be able to tell you what s/he sees right away. Pathology report on the biopsy could take one to two weeks; it may seem like pointless torture, but there is a lot of lab work involved, and in fact it is the biopsy alone that demonstrates lymphoma and determines the type - which is essential for treatment decisions.

    Anyone who has ever posted here will agree that it is an uncomfortable time, but there is no other way to know what you are dealing with. So, try not to worry yourself sick: turn to meditation, yoga, movies, friends, anything that helps you stay calm and carry on with your life as usual until your results are out. And of course, do let us know.

    Sending you positive vibes.