4 days post mastectomy with tissue expanders

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Hello!  I had a bilateral mastectomy on Tuesday (4-11-2017) with tissue expanders put in to begin the reconstruction process. I'm doing pretty well; quite a bit of tightness and soreness under both arms (6 damn drains) but the meds are keeping it well under control.  My husband has been a saint. Keep fighting like a girl!


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    hello PaulaSJ,  Glad to hear your Surgery is completed!  the drains are uncomfortable but i only had them in for about a little over a week (8 days) it just depends on the amt of drainage  BUT my doctor gave me these cool little pouch that someone made to hang around my neck to put the drains in so i can have them in a staple place (it was just a little square piece of cotton cloth that someone sewed together and made a long cotton strap to hang around my neck (long enough to reach little below my belly) it was great i even had extra one I used it when taking showers .  A recliner is a great plus especially 1st few weeks or until the drain is removed.    You will be fine . I also had left breast expander..they are not the most comfortable things for me and always feel like something is under your arm until they are replaced with the implant!  each fill to the breast expander  is a little painful and tightening but ask for some muscle relaxers for that if needed. After you go for your follow up and heal a little and drain removed...ask about support bras from your area Pink store I found that to be very helpful with support under the arms. (they can fit you for them) Keep Asking doctors a lot of questions...   ITS A INDIVIDUAL CHOICE OF COURSE  as far as our decisions etc....SENDING UP PRAYERS AND SUCCESS TO  YOU  AND YOUR FAMILY .....BEEPOSITIVE  SmileSmile

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    ThanksFour still

    Thank you for the kind words. I am now 8 days out from surgery.  Saw the Dr yesterday and 2 drains came out.  Four still to go.  I go back next Friday the 28th and am hopeful they all come out.  My pathology report came back and other than the original tumor, which was 1 cm, the wide margins were clear in the left breast. The right was clear and the lymph nodes that were taken were also clear.  I still have a great deal of soreness under both arms from the drains so I will be extremely happy when they are gone. Keep on keeping on!

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    GREAT REPORT PaulaSJ!!! yes things could be a lot worse!!! count your blessing as i continue to do..always someone worse off than we are...I always say...once your other drains are removed you will feel a lot better..HANG IN THERE..YOU WILL BE FINE!!!!  CONTINUED SUCCESS AND RECOVERY TO YOU!!

    I started my radiation treatments this week...BEEPOSITIVE  Smile

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    great report

    Congrats! PaulaSJ, those are great news.  What did the dr. tell you about tx?