Diagnosed with nodule, someone shed some light?


I am A former smoker (quit 20 days ago) age 22 and diagnosed with an incidental 4mm lung nodule.  i went in for a Ct scan because I had scar tissue around my rib that was affecting my spleen and had both IV and swollow contrast.  they didn't give me much information as to what it looked like or anything.  Just to follow up in a year.  When I did smoke I started at age 17 and smoked about 25 cigarettes a day.  My parents both smoked in the house my whole life as well, so I've always been around secondhand smoke.  If anyone can tell me what this all means and what the chances are for it growing please let me know.  My dr said I am fairly young and isn't too worried and told me to follow up with another Ct scan in a year.  But doesn't think it's anything serious.  Thank you! 


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    No worries really

    Quit smoking . your nodule is tiny. 99.99% sure at your age it isnt cancer. Follow up in a year. Dont worry.

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    Nodules are caused by many things!!!

    Not just smoking but good for you for quitting anyway! It is not healthy. And I say this as an ex smoker not trying to come down on you or shame you. But yes nodules can be caused by scarring, infections, viruses and several other factors. You can look that up on here or the Mayo Clinic site - good reliable sites.