Carcinoid-related Lobectomy

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Hi all,

I'm relatively young (31 years old) and was recently diagnosed with a 5 cm carcinoid tumor in my lung. Luckily it hasn't spread nor do I have any symptoms - they found it while doing a CT on my neck for a totally unrelated issue. So on the grand scheme of things - I'm quite lucky.

The less fortunate part is that they want to do a lobectomy of my left upper lung. No offense to those of you with more grey hair on your head than I do, but I'm curious to hear from other young folk who have undergone this procedure as I understand the recovery time, how limited I am after, etc may be quite different. 

I work in Humanitarian Aid and need to be able to be quite physical to stay on my planned career track - not to mention keep up my Ultimate Frisbee game.

Any thoughts welcome even if you do have a few more years than me!

Many thanks


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    Lobectomy - for carcinoma?

    Have you had a Second Opinion?  If not, get one.  May it's not actually cancer.  Maybe a tiny surgery to remove it and get it looked at by histopathologists will be the answer - a friend of mine, much much older than you, had that recently;  after 10 days she's feeling fine and her two little nodules turned out not to be cancer......  There - does that help???   Try to avoid the lobectomy - I had one 7 weeks ago, and it's hard going.   And it's for ever......   Surgeons don't tell you about other stuff, connected to what they do.  ....... Joan 

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    Carcinoid tumor

    Hi.  You are the first person that I’ve heard with a carcinoid tumor.  I was 43 years old and like you, the tumor was discovered by chance during a chest X-ray.  I had the left lung removed in February 2000.  No problems except for some nerve pain.  Just recently started to experience gastric refllux due to shifting organs.  Just wondering if you or anyone else is experiencing this.  I would prefer not to take medication for long term.