No work during radiation

Did anyone out there decide not to work as time went on due to fatigue, itching, no bra...  during radiation? From what I've been reading, it sounds like a lot of women out there would not work during radiation if they had to do over again. More so, starting the 4 week and beyond, especially a week or two after treatment is over. I know everyone feels different, has different degrees of responsibilities, may live close or too far away from the facility where they will receive treatment. Any feednback would be appreciated. I am struggling on what to do. [email protected]


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    Welcome, Pebblesbythesea

    I worked during radiation, had a 4:30 p.m. appointment time, and I had no problem with itching or bras or lotions or fatigue. I was a little tired toward the end of treatment, but nothing horrendous.

    Since we're all so different and react and respond to treatment in such diverse ways, all I can do is share what I did and what it felt like. I was fortunate in that I went into radiation without having first done chemo so my energy level was normal at the beginning of radiation which I would imagine makes a big difference in what I experienced.

    Should you decide to work, I hope your treatment is as noneventful as mine was.

    Best of luck to you, and keep us posted.




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    I worked through my radiation treatments. My appointments were first thing in the morning and I would go to the office after. I was fortunate that the side effects were bearable. Wishing you all the best.

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    I also continued to work. The

    I also continued to work. The fatigue really sets in at about the fourth week, but I live alone and am self supporting. I tore a big hole in my sick leave doing chemo, which made me much more tired than the radiation and sicker. So after chemo, radiation was almost, a relief. I would leave work like an hour early.  I didn't have any pain or burns until the 5th week and they helped me with bandaging and a bra substitute. If you want to continue to work, I'm sure your radiation oncologist can help you out. If you feel you can't handle it, then by all means stay at home.  You deserve it; you have cancer.  I didn't really have that option.  Best wishes.

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    Radiation Treatments and Working

    Thanks everyone for your comments. You all are so kind!!! 


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    To work or not to work

    Hi friend,

    I worked throughout both chemo and radiation treatments.  I enjoyed having something else to think about and the support of my coworkers. I found clothing that worked for me whether I was wearing a bra or not so if I needed to take it off part way through the day, I could and nobody would notice.  Of course, this is a little tricky and depends on your individual build but it's possible.  Also, I recommend that you keep experimenting until you find a bra that feels comfortabl.  For me, i had to order a cup size larger and a number sized larger for a comfortable fit.  I also changed style to a very soft, no wire, style that's almost like a sports bra but not quite.  

    You will figure out what's best for you with working and remember, you can change you mind part way through!!!

    Best Wishes!!

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    I worked full time and

    I worked full time and babysat my grandkids each night. I went on my lunch hour for my treatments.


    I wish you the best-



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