Migraines 2 years after chemo

I am currently experiencing terrible migraine headaches that I believe are linked to chemotherapy treatments that ended 2 years, 4 months ago.  The good news is that I am cancer free and dining well with the exception of the migraines.

I had triple negative breast cancer which requires very aggressive chemotherapy treatments.  These treatments put my body in menopause.  Since the treatments have been over, my body has been trying to kickstart itself and it's like puberty all over again!  I'm breaking out in acne, having crazy mood swings, and I think the hormone crazy train is causing these migraines.  I have daily migraines that cause disruptions with my vision, pain that is at the tip top of the ol' pain scale and they are an all around pain to try to manage life around. I've seen a neurologist, had an MRI to rule out any cancer recurrence, and an on daily preventive medications which help. 


I would like to connect with someone else who has felt with this and find out what worked and what didn't.  All the usual things to get hormones to play nice are off the table when you've had breast cancer.  I'm interested in hearing what creative ideas others have used.  

Thanks friends!


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    Your post is a year old, but I just joined today

    Are you still getting post-chemo migraines?  My 19 year old son was treated for Hodgkins, including a bone marrow transplant, he is cancer free for at least 2 years, but still gets the occasional migraine (usually several months apart).  So the answer to your question is YES, there are people still getting migraines for no apparent reason post chemo.  It makes you wonder doesn't it?  Is there something else to be concerned with or just an after affect that could take years to dissipate.  Hope you're doing well by now and the headaches are gone.  -Jack

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    I am getting post chemo

    I am getting post chemo migraines too.  I have TNBC and have had more migraine closer together than in any other time in my life.  Praying that they stop or slow down.  Taxol also has caused me to have trigeminal nerve attacks the day after each of the 12 infusions.  Migraines are horrid but trigeminal nerve attacks are 50 times worse.  Going to mention to my Dr on the next visit.  I am sorry that you are going through this, I had no idea that chemo could do this too. I just joined today so late posting