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My insurance reversed their denial so I started pelvic radiation! I have had seven treatments and now I turn to you gals to ask..... did anyone have a terrible metallic taste in your mouth that will not go away? What about a feeling of pulling below the navel, especially upon standing? Doctor said it could be muscle cramping. Any tips while I go thru this? I have about 20 more! The good news is my hair has begun to grow started on my upper lip...egad!


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    Kamushka, I didn't have

    Kamushka, I didn't have pelvic radiation so I can't give you any tips. However, wanted to let you know that there is a thread 'Let's talk about radiation' that may give you some insight.... I'm sure other ladies will be along soon to help you. I hope you tolerate the radiation and can get through it before you know it.

    Please let us know how you are doing....

    Love and Hugs,


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    Hi, glad you were able to get your radiation done. I had the pelvic radiation , besides the diahrea, I had no side effects I finished the pelvic the first week in Dec. 2016 then started my brachytherapy. I still have bouts with diahrea but nothing Imodium can't fix.  No metallic taste either. Wish I could help. Be sure and ask your doctor- hope you start to feel better soon

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    I had both kinds of radiation

    I had both kinds of radiation. Many members had diarea with it but not me. I had constipation instead. I did not have the metallic taste problem. RDiation is cumulative so you may notice the farther you are into it the more tired you will be.

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    I've hear that using plastic

    I've hear that using plastic utensils when eating can help cut down on the metallic taste that some experience with treatment. I had 28 external pelvic radiation treatments but didn't experience the side effects you are describing. Hopefully some others will jump-in with more advice for you! 

    Glad to hear about your hair growing-in but sorry about where it's starting. Just another lovely side effect of treatment!

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    Kamushka, I have had cance

    Kamushka, I have had cance twice.  For my uterine cancer i had bracytherapy and only three tretments and not much side effects other than some softening stools.  Twenty years ago when I had cancer I had quite a bit of external radiation.  I did end up with a metallic taste in my mouth for quite some time.  After treatment it did  eventually go away except when I ate certin foods.  To this day I do not like cherry flavored stuff because it tastes like silver.  Thats the only thing and I can live with that.  Hope all goes well for you.Janae

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    here is the thread on

    here is the thread on radiation Cindi mentioned:

    Hope it helps!!

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    here is the thread on

    here is the thread on radiation Cindi mentioned:

    Hope it helps!!

    thank you for finding and

    thank you for finding and posting it for us!