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Hi friends,

5 years and 5 months have passed since my hubby was diagnosed and we had to join this club nobody wants to join. In Nov 2011 they found a tumor in his colon, 2 mets on his liver and 1 peritoreal met. He was lucky and his surgeon was able to get all this cancer crap. He got a temp. ileostomy and 6 months of chemo with xeloda pills and Oxaliplatin infusions, then the ileostomy was removed. Since then - summer 2012 - he is being checkt evere several months by CTs and ultrasounds aaaaand....

... hurray, his last check (ultrasound this time) on march 30th was clear again. Stille NED. CEA 0,8

Great news, happy campers. Next stop: CT in August.

Hugs from Cologne

Petra - the german branch of this great group




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    Congratulations! Ned is

    Congratulations! Ned is always what we want to hear.

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    Wonderful news!

    Yes, you are so fortunate to have found the right care.  Here's to many more years of good health and joyful living!



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      Woo hoo! 

    image  Woo hoo! 

    So happy to hear your latest news.  May hubby be NED forever. 


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    How wonderful.  Very happy

    How wonderful.  Very happy for you. 

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    Wonderful news

    I am so happy for you and your husband.   My husband has Stage IV colon cancer with mets to lungs.  He was just taking Xeloda and Avastin for 18 months but now lung nodules are growing.  So we are going to add Oxaliplatin to the cocktail.   Did your husband have any side effects and how did he manage them?   

    My husband was first diagosed with colon cancer Stage III in July 2009.  Surgery to remove part of colon and adjuvant chemo kept it at bay until January 2014.   Then it was discovered a singular lung nodule and a new breast cancer- so very rare in men.  So in March 2014, he had right masectomy and a lower left lobectomy.   Then had adjuvant chemo which put him in hospital with sepsis because wbc dropped so low.   No more chemo after that until recently.

    He was ned until October 2015 when multiple new lung nodules were discovered.  Started on xeloda and avastin but now the nodules are growing bigger so have to add additional drug.  He tolerated xeloda fairly well with one or two bad diarreah days per cycle.   

    Any insight you have into side effects would be most appreciated and certainly your husband being ned after this treatment is very encouraging news.   As you can imagine this whole ordeal gets very depressing at times like a roller coaster of ups and downs.  Have to keep putting one step forward and be thankful for every day.



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    Congrats to you and hubby.  Keep those good news stories coming for us new members of the "club"Smile


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        Hugs to you and your hubby, Ron.

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    Love it!  NED - the best letters ever.

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    That's great to hear Petra,

    That's great to hear Petra, another successful survivor story is always what this place needs. My very careful Onc just bumped my scan to December, now a yearly thing, so I'm feeling pretty good as well. Enjoy the NED!....................................Dave