Pain post mastectomy in angel wing or dog ear

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I just had my mastectomy 2 weeks ago. I decided not to do reconstruction but the surgical scar looks awful and the piece of tissue left near the armpit 'angel wing' or 'dog ear' is extremely annoying.  It almost looks like a small breast that is in my armpit. Because of the location it rubs against my arm with every movement. Does any one have any suggestions on how to deal with the pain and discomfort?  Also experiencing extreme tightness across my chest to my armpit where the surgical scar is located. It feels like a tourniquet.  Any advice would be appreciated.


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    Angel wings discomfort

    I too had this discomfort.  I purchasted an sports bra from Bed Bath and Beyond which applies compression and  I feel 100% better.  It not only solved the pain issue but it prevented the rubbing and cleared the sores from the rubbinng on the angel wings.

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    dog ear

    I had that too.  In the course of time, that swelling will go down and it will shrink up and inward and not look too bad.  So dont worry about it. 

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    Will go really?

    I have that disgusting pig ear on my right side since my MX on June 27 last year.  When the PS inserted the TE (tissue expanders) opened the excision and left without fixing it.  On Dec 8 he again surgically placed the final implants and he made an incision in a new place and he didn't fix the piece of tissue either.  I feel deceived by him.  And he is supposed to be the PS and the work doesn't look pretty.  If I have surgery in my left breast I will talk to my breast surgeon BS to make a better incision unless he wants me to suffer shame every time he checks me. I can say that my right "breast" is a Frankentit.  Sweet dreams, time for beauty sleep. :)

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    Dog ear

     i didn't have a mastectomy but after two lumpectomies in the same breast, it needed plastic-surgery closing, and a reduction. I had had really really large breasts. So the incision under my armpit had a dog ear. When the surgeon reduced the opposite breast, he fixed the dog ear on the lumpectomy side. Before he did that it was extremely sensitive, but that went away once the revision scar healed. Then I needed the same thing done a few months after the reduction of the opposite breast to get rid of that dog ear. So glad I did!