Got out of the house yesterday!

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Went with my sons to the Aquarium (newer exhibit here) yesterday.  We had been planning it for a long time but usually Infelt like not so good. Decided to go anyway!  Now tell me, these parents bring their kids 2-7 was about the number of kids, they don't watch them the kids are screaming, one mother was screaming at about an6 yr old to gofinf the other 3, she had a newborn and about it a 14month old.  

The shark exhibit instructor was trying to do her education thing, kids are on the platform where she is talking,mothers are talking to each other, yes their kids were out of control they had no clue!  Do they really think that all of us who paid full price to go to this exhibit go to watch their kids?  They may be cute to them butnot to the rest of the patrons.  I asked one of the workers if we came on a bad day?  She said no, that a bunch of families will come together and they just let the kids run, then when they fall or run into people some go so far as to blame them so they have cameras everywhere.  Has stopped lawsuits.

if you want kids, then raise and take care of them!  It was expensive for an hour.  I know I have less patience as I have also moved tables in restaurants when kids in booths behind me have put their hands on  my head.  I don't pay to go to dinner to have parents thinking it is utento have their kids inning around me!

Wath your kids or leave them home.  It's not the kids fault!

sorry for the rant

from me with no patience!



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    Rant away!

    I am so glad to hear that you were able to get out.  Sending love and hugs, my dear friend.




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    You are a true fighter!