Nerve Damage from radiation

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I had 30 rounds of radiation in fall of 2015. For about 10 months now I have been having issues with numbness in my hands and radiating pain down my left arm. I have lost strength in my hands. Just wondering if it has anything to do with the radiation. Anyone else experience any of this?  Thanks 


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    I have not ever experieced

    I have not ever experieced this...from radiation MY radiated brease is somewhat NUMB all the time. Perhaps it could be something else>

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    have a friend

    I have a friend that has this problem.  She had rads 3 yrs ago.  She also has pain in the rib area and under the arm.   Many test and docs later it is determined it is nerve damage and scar tissue from the radiation.  She is now undergoing pain management which involves a mixture of PT, oral meds, and injections.  

    So sorry you are going through this.