April 6, 2007: the first day of the rest of my life

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It's been 10 years since my diagnosis, and despite occasional setbacks, I'm doing great!  Neer to be cancer-free, as I learned in September, but still able to live a wonderfully normal and full life.  



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    Oh, wow.  Congratulations!

    Oh, wow.  Congratulations!  It's good to hear that life can go on even with cancer.

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    You're on of our heroes

    And you deserve a imagefor your ten year mark. 

    I'm glad that you are doing well after your last surgery. I hope you're enjoying spring time and all the birds singing. Thats a lovely Eastern Bluebird in your avatar.  I saw a large flock of Mountain Bluebirds the other week. Such a joy!


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    Love It Aburb

    Was bummed for you on the relapse (and missing you at MSK by a couple of days Cool), but glad to see you are doing well again.  

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    I'm five months behind you,

    I'm five months behind you, feels like a lifetime ago. I've always admired your positive outlook Alice, even when the reoccurance happened, you expressed your feelings and set your mind to the next steps to be taken. I hope things just get better and better for you in the next ten.......................Dave

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    Congratulations alice

        You always do what is required to get on with your life an admirable trait in a cancer survivor, Hugs ron.  PS 6/4/50 is my birthday so it is my renewal day as well. I spent most of my birthday organising my colonoscopy next tuesday. Despite my protests my gi put me out to 3 yrly scopes after the last one. I felt that it is too long. I could no longer afford private health insurance so I had to go public which resulted in another six month delay. So this scope will be 3yrs and six months after the last one. I am feeling a little nervous. Ron.

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    Just fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Good for you, Alice! Way to

    Good for you, Alice! Way to go! I love hearing positive stories on here. I'm so happy when that demon cancer is thwarted. Not today, cancer, not today.



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    Alice, it's super early as I

    Alice, it's super early as I'm typing my reply to you. I'm still in bed, pecking these letters out on my iPhone 6 Plus device. I'm happy to have read your post. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. And today is a brand new and FRESH time. No matter what our circumstances. No matter what obstacles or ailments we face. Today is a beautiful gift. This time we are given is very precious.  

    Therefore I renew my commitment with you. To make the very BEST use of my time. I also commit to check my perspective. To stay optimistic. To monitor my own reaction/response to whatever I face today. 

    This is another big weekend for me. I have a step daughter Anna, ready to give birth any day (her due date was yesterday). My pregnant daughter Sarah (due in October) and her husband are flying in from Boston for the weekend, for a wedding. My niece is marrying her true love tomorrow. 

    God is good! And Today is the day He made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!!

    Love and Light to you Alice