My Dad has stage3B lung cancer on one side the right two spots in the lung. What treatments work the

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My dad turned 65 in Jan and in Feb found out he has lung cancer a 3cm and 5cm in his right lower lung and in his lymph node in the chest. He's going Sloan kettering. They said would be statge 1 but is in lymph node so it's stage 3b big cell cancer now. The in two weeks they want start chemo once a week and radiation  5 days a week for 6 to 7 weeks. Is there anyother treatments that work better? My family is going through so much with this. Mom and Dad have been together for 48yrs now and i'm a only child. I just want him to see my son grow up that is 17months old  now. He's a fighter thank God and has a lot faith in God. We kept asking about a immunotherapy and said it needs to be stage 4. They told us sugergy is a 10% chance after treatments. Dad started drinking Alkaine water now to 16oz bottles a day hopping it may help. I'm so loss becasue his father die in 1987 of lung cancer at age of 72yrs. Cancer has hit family a lot my dad sister has stage 4 small cell lung cancer they gave her 6 months to a year and its two and haf years later and the cancer has shurnk so much. Beside a few other family have gotten down too now. Two on wifes side of her family and three on myside inculding my dad it's crazy. Can anyone tell about the best treatments out there.


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    Stage 3b is still curative


    I know this as my husband was diagnosed with stage 3b squamous non small cell lung cancer. At first his odds were very poor. He was diagnosed on April 20, 2014 and given a 10% chance to make it to the end of the year. As he was only 40 and otherwise fairly healthy, they hit him hard with chemo (cisplatin and estoposide) 25 treatments and radiation 40 treatments. By December 2014 he was pronounced NED - no evidence of disease and remains that way today.


    Each treatment is so personalized it is hard to say what is best. The dr's choose based on your dad's specific situation. If your dad is willing, I recommend you all sit down and write all your questions for the drs down on paper. I used a coil scribbler so i wouldn't lose pages. Leave space between the questions so you can write the answers down. Also SOME, I stress SOME, dr's allow you to record appointments but I would always take notes just in case of tech failure or muffling and stuff you can't hear. Let you dad be free to sit and listen while someone else takes notes. From  there your dad can make informed decisions.


    Don't give up. Best way you can help is helping him get back and forth to appointments as treatment will wear him down, helping with meals, house/yard work, lots of little things but trust me they all add up. I know your Mom will appreaacite it. Will take a tonne of pressure off of her. No you can't do it all either so organized neighbours and friends. Even reach out to resources in the community too. The treatment center can probably hook you up with those.


    All the best you all of you.