Base of Tongue/Throat

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The panic initially began after having three wisdom teeth removed in late October 2016. Prior to that, another minor panic after finding a small lump in the soft pallet, roof of mouth, which turned out to be a tooth cell that had grown of its own accord. The maxillofacial surgeon who removed the lump sent it for pathology which confirmed no malignant cells. This was January 2016. I then gave up smoking for about three months before relapsing, quitting again for eight days after wisdom teeth surgery, and subsequently relapsing again.

December 6th 2016, started to experience some restricted swallowing, a sore throat, and started to develop the most satanic hacking cough. This became progressively worse over the course of December, and I then went to see an ENT. The ENT then did the nasoendoscopy (camera tube through septum down to back of throat) to examine the base of tongue, and lower throat area. In the ENT's subsequent correspondence to GP, he stated significant concern regards a slightly larger tonsil on the left side. I was then booked in for a bronchopsy under general anaesthetic (I think that's what it was), an MRI with contrast, and a PET scan. At this point, I pretty much freaked. I went to the MRI, and it was only then that the contrast agent, which was Gadolinium, was mentioned, to which I freaked again...and promptly disappeared. Needless to say, I did not attend the PET scan either due to the radioactive tracer injection.

I went to my Dentist the next day, and asked him to look at the enlarged lingual tonsil, which he did. He said that he couldn't see anything of any significance that would cause him concern. He suggested a second opinion, which I got the next day from another ENT.

The 2nd ENT was somewhat scathing of the 1st ENT. The 2nd ENT performed a nasoendoscopy and couldn't find anything, nor did he think there was anything untoward with the left lingual tonsil. He thought the 1st ENT had gone completely over the top with the scans and bronchopsy. About a month later, I went to an Ultrasound scan, as I had a small lump in my cheek, which turned out to be accessory parotid tissue. The Radiologist also thought that the 1st ENT was over the top with his course of action.

I go back to I still don't feel right. Hacking cough has gone but throat intermittantly irritated and sore. ENT 2 performs further nasoendoscopy and finds nothing. I do a little of my own research on the usual medium. Smoking related Base of Tongue/Throat should be seen on visual inspection and nasoendoscopy. Squamous Cell Carcinoma begins in the epithelial tissue (outermost layer) and grows outwards, manifests itself as a sore/sores, and should very easily be seen/spotted. I ask my ENT if my understanding is correct, and he why in April do I still have this intermittant, mobile, irritated throat? Can a Base of Tongue/Throat malignancy conceal itself and give me these irritated throat symptoms? Should I now really go for a scan? I don't feel should have all gone by now...but it hasn't?