Anyone have success using "Thick & Easy" or "Thick-it" ?


I want to travel (flying) but eating without access to a kitchen is a big problem. Anyone have success using "Thick & Easy" or with "Thick-it"?  I can not figure out a way to use these products.  I have tried both products. Everything turns nasty.  Nasty to look at andnasty to drink.  It is hard to disolve. I've tried warming the stuff. I've added it to about everythink I can think of.  I've experimited with the ratio of the dust to liquid. Most results are blobs of goo.  Thin liquid is hard for me to drink (sip...that is). If the liquid is the consistancy of say tomato juice - it works better.  Tomato juice is too acidy and burns w/o saliva. I haven't found a drink I can drink. If I can figure out something to drink to help push food down with - I would be able to travel with less dread.  Any ideas? Anyone out there that has had success with these products? How do you use them ? Thank you. 


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    I had to use Thick-it due to aspirating. You add one or two to water and it will thicken it. Add more and you can get it like pudding. Now it looks terrible and taste is like thick water and just wrong, but it was that or I was going to have to be hospitalized so I did it for a few days. Then just went to Campbell's cream of Chicken soup, and my problem was solved. Now I only had to do it for two weeks and then I had my prosthesis in my throat changed and stopped all the leaking I had.