GYN/onc. appointment today

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I had my GYN/onc. appointment today and got scheduled for surgery this Thursday.  The PET scan showed a 5 x 6 cm. mass on one side of the ascending colon and a 2 x 3 cm. mass on the other side of it.  My GYN/onc. really isn't sure what it is, but he's fairly certain it's cancer because of the rate at which it grew and because my CA-125 results have been going up over the last year (although they're still in the normal range).  It might be mets from my UPSC I had in 2010, but he said that would be extremely unlikely this far down the line from my surgery.  He'd watched the mass for a whole year from 2014 to 2015 and it hadn't grown, so that's another reason this seems so odd to him.  There's a possibility it's something else, too.  He said it could also be a GIST (gastroesophageal stromal tumor), for example.  He said that's something that grows on the outside, not the inside, of the colon.  He will do a laparotomy and see what it appears to be.  If it's something besides a gynecological cancer, he will call in a surgeon from another specialty to complete the surgery.  Fortunately, the hospital where he operates has plenty of surgeons available.  If the masses have adhered to the colon, he'll have to take out a chunk of my colon and staple the sections closed.  He doesn't think I'll need a colostomy, thank God.  If the masses are separate from the colon, he won't have to take that chunk out.  The surgery is supposed to last 2-3 hours and I'm supposed to be in for 5 days.  During my last surgery, I had a delayed return to bowel function, and if I had that without having a surgery like this, I would think it would be even more likely to happen this time.  I may have the same chemo as last time, assuming it is cancer, as I'm far enough out from my surgery that the chemo apparently did work on me the first time.  I had carboplatin and taxol the last time.  Guess I'll probably be spending my summer in that hot, uncomfortable wig again.  If anyone knows of a comfortable brand that I can buy over the Internet, please let me know. I can think of a lot better ways to spend my spring and summer than going through this!!!


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    Glad you gave us an update

    sending hugs and prayers that everything turns out for the very best.  It sounds like you got a lot of answers.  I had the problem with my bowels waking up when I had mymhysterectomy and again when I had an open bowel resection last year.  So irritating that they woulded let me go home until a made a poo.  On the up side, I was feeling pretty good by the time I went home.

    Lou Ann

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    Pinky, thanks for the update.

    Pinky, thanks for the update. I'll be sending you lots of support on Thursday. I hope this is easier on you than last time!

    Please let us know how you are doing when you feel better.

    Love and Hugs,


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    Pinky, I'm sorry to hear that

    Pinky, I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through this surgery but it really sounds like you have a good medical team on your side. It's good that your gyn-onc is being proactive and has already thought through all of the possibilities. Come what may, you can do this!! Sending you positive thoughts of strength and healing for Thursday, Kim 

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    Continuing prayers til we get you all the way out of there and on to what is next- we'll be thinking of you on Thurs. and waiting to have an update as soon as you feel able.  (((HUGS)))

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    Thanks for the update Pinky

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. Hope you're recovering well from surgery. Completely agree that chemo in the summer is especially crummy! When you're able let us know how you're doing and what they find out. (((HUGS)))