Good News on CA 125 level and update

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Hi Ladies:

  I wanted to let you know that I spoke wtih my oncologist's office this morning. MY CA level is now down to 42 (I went for the blood test on Tuesday, March 28th) so it has dropped 23 points from last month where in February it was at 65. As of now, the normal range is up to 35 so I am only a few points above the normal range.  I was diagnosed with a recorrunce of UPSC back in October of last year (2016) and it was then at 134 and since December it has started to come down a lot.  My oncologist attributes this to very good eating habits and my "strong" immune system is what is keeping the blood levels down. I just hope it continues this way to go downwards each month.  Anyway, this is really good news for me so I am very happy about this.  

  I will continue to keep you ladies updated as I go for blood work on my CA level once a month and then I see my oncologist.


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    Nice to hear

    Good news is so nice to.hear.  Keep doing what you are doing 

    Hugs and prayers, Lou Ann

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    Great news, Jane.  Keep up

    Great news, Jane.  Keep up the good work and I pray for continued numbers.

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    Yay Jane!

    That is such good news!  Thank you for sharing that- it is wonderful to get some good news and celebrate with you  (((HUGS)))

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    Thanks for the update.   Glad to see your numbers dropping!   


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    Congrats Jane! I hope you

    Congrats Jane! I hope you continue to get this great news. Thanks for letting us know.

    Love and Hugs,