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Hi everyone! I found out yesterday that I have papillary thyroid cancer. I have an appointment next week with my endo to discuss treatment, but I was wondering if anyone could share their experience? I've done alot of research about surgery, radioactive iodine treatment, etc. but wanted to know from people who have been there before how these things actually feel.

Some background: I'm 33 and otherwise healthy. I have a 0.5 cm nodule that I pushed to have biopsied because of family history - FNA was last week. I have symptoms of hypothyroid but levels were always within normal range so I've never been on hormone replacement. Totally open to answering questions if you have any!

I'm shocked, nervous, scared, hopeful, then shocked again... so many emotions! I really don't know what to feel and I think it might help to get a sense of what to expect.

Thanks in advance.



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    Thyroid removal

    i had my thyroid completely removed in January of this year. it was done in a surgery center and I was sent home the same day. The actual surgery was not bad. Once the glue came off my incision, the scar healed very nicely. I would suggest you check out how experienced your surgeon is in this procedure. Be aware of the potential complications from the surgery. In my case, my left vocal cord was completely paralyzed. I received vocal injections at beginning of March to bulk up the cord and I'm still having issues with talking and shortness of breath when I talk. my voice is still just above a whisper. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. I found that ice packs and jello were my best friends immediately after surgery Be prepared for neck ultrasounds. I had one done about 6 weeks after surgery. There will be lots of blood work in your future. Your thyrogobulin levels will need to be checked. These levels serve as markers for future levels. If the levels increase, then the cancer may be back. I also had papillary thyroid cancer. since my lymph nodes were clear, radioactive iodine is not in my this time. I wish you the best of luck and hope this helped you.

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    I hope you get better soo. :D

    I hope you get better soo. :D 

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    thyroid surgery with future radiation

    How long does it take after surgery to get in to see an endocrinologist?  Complete thyroid sugery three weeks ago after a biospy which followed an ultrasound all showing cancer.  Levo meds at 100 which I was on before the surgery.  I am just a total ill fatigued person who is usually bouncing around the room at age 54.  Now I come home from teaching my  middle school kids and go straight to bed.  Exhausted!  The waiting game is insane.  Any suggestions for an endo in South Carolina who will actually call and see me quickly to get the ball rolling?  Ready to feel better!


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    You better take control

    It’s ur life , u Better start saying hey , get ur head right, do what u need to do.

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    Surgery Not So Bad

    I has a total thyroidectomy and it wasn’t so bad. It didn’t hurt but my throat was sore for a few days. I liked the brand medication Synthroid better. The generic brand (levothyroxine) has fillers that don’t always agree with everyone. Biopsies are nerve wrecking! I wish you well. Take naproxen after your biopsy because it does hurt a little. I got my results in 2 weeks. My surgeon said it is the most treatable cancer..but with all honesty is there such a thing as ”good cancer?” I hate when doctors tell me it’s the best type of cancer to have. -_- The best course of action is a quick one. Do not delay. Did everything work out in the end?