39 year old female VATS! So scared

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Hi ,

I'm 39 years old and have a 6mm tumor in my Left lower lung . The radiologist believes it's a carcinoid . I am having Wedge Vats surgery next Thur. Can anyone tell me how painful this surgery is ? How long you where in the opertating table and how long in the hospital ? They said they will do the wedge , send it to patho  while they remove lymph nodes and if it comes back cancer , they will remove the lobe . Thank you so much 


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    The VATS surgery is the least
    The VATS surgery is the least invasive surgery. I'm glad it's an option for you. You may want to sleep in a recliner when you get home. The good news in all of this is that they are going for a cure. This isn't an option for someone with advanced cancer. I send hope that this really takes care of it once and for all