Bone Cancer??

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I am new so I have no clue as how all this works. I suppose I should begin with my story. I was 29 when I 1st had cancer,colon, resection one round chemo after. At 56 i had the majority of my left lung removed which for 5 months I just wanted to die. Ihave had many back and other surgeries over the years and all combined I would do in a day and not think twice. This one however "destroyed" me. Lost interest in everything,an avid music collector I found i had lost interest in 7000 plus cds. Now I started at 290 today 160. I have this occasional pain in my left arm and left leg. Its a deep dull ache. Also have pains across abdomen. In July of 16, we lost our health ins. My wife got injured on her job and the wonderful Commonwealth of Pa decided we no longer needed it.

I suppose my question is this how real are thge possibilities after having lung removed that the cancer has returned to potentially differant areas of my body. I didnt have these pains prior. I have fallen a few times after my surgery due to the 22 meds oer day ubntil my wife figured out which ones were the culprits. I had broken the same rib 3 times, one that had to be broken for surgery. I have no appetite, I eat a few crackers a day and if i try to eat a meakl my stomach blows up and feels as if i have a ton of bricks in it. My upper back is horrible at night and it doesnt matter if i do anything or not. I am constantly tired. And then we have the deep dull intermittant pain in left arm and leg. There have been timeswhere it has woke me up.

As I said I have no clue how these things work but what i have read lung cancer likes to go to pretty specific areas of the body and all the areas I am having pains seem to be those places. I have read that even at 6 months after surgery cancer can not be detected, but still can cause pains. thats it from the newbie..ty in advance for any replies....


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    please go seee your onocologist again

    I think you have legitimate concerns and I think you need to go see the doc.    You can sign up for emergency medicaid for you coverage.  There may be someone in your hospital or local government that cn help you with that.

    Keeping you in my prayers.