FNA on 2 nodules - what to expect? Any warnings?

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i am currently in chemo for ovarian cancer. During my first CT the scan discovered 4 nodules on the thyroid. A subsequent ultrasound confirmed that 2 of the 4 nodules warrant FNA. I understand it is done in working with an ultrasound. Can someone tell me what to expect? Do you feel the needles? Do they hold down your head? Is it painful? I am a wuss for medical procedures, so knowing what to expect will potentially reduce my stress. Thanks for as much personal experience you are willing to share. Thanks.


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    Anyone help answer?

    I have had to postpone the FNA as my blood count dropped from my ovarian cancer treatment. I am stressing over the FNA so would really appreciate someone telling me about the FNA.

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    Hi Mary! I had an FNA done

    Hi Mary! I had an FNA done last week. I was also very nervous, but it actually wasn't that bad.

    First, they had me change into a medical gown (I wore a tank underneath - they basicaly want your neck & clavical area to be clear). Then, they sprayed something onto my neck from an aerosol can - it felt almost like a topical numbing spray. Then, they injected local anesthetic. The anesthetic was the worst part. The needle pinched only a little, but the medicine did burn a bit for a few seconds. Then, the doctor used an ultrasound wand to locate the nodule, and guided a needle to the nodule. After inserting the needle, he moved it slightly to locate the nodule and get the needle into the right spot. I did not feel any pain from this, although there was a fair bit of pressure and an odd feeling while the needle was moving around. 


    Afterwards, I was a little sore - especially the first night. It was nothing that a tylenol didn't take care of. I also developed some slight bruising, but nothing too major.


    I hope this helps reduce some of your stress about the procedure! I'm sorry for what you're going through - cancer sucks. Hoping things turn out well for you <3

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    Thank you

    thsnk you so much for the thorough description. It really does help me visualize and thus reduce my stress. Thank you for posting!