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I am 3 months post.  I did 35 IMRT and 7 Carbo/Taxol.  About 3 weeks ago I stopped living on nutrition shakes and began the transition to real food.   That has gone mostly well, taste is coming in fits and starts but is coming.  Dry mouth ranges from annoying to total.

During treatment I had severe constipation, got over that, severe diarrhea, got over that, and post treatment was starting to have normal poop, especially as I added fiberous fruit.  Now I am having normal poop, but 4 to 5 times a day in small quantities.  And it has started to smell really bad.   

My suspicion is that the addition of yojurt and probiotics to my diet is beginning to fix some of the things that chemo left behind.  Also my gut is seeing things it hasn't in almost 5 months.   But... a google of smelly poop and cancer points to cancer problems and not post-treatment recovery.  At the same time this site is about the only one I trust on details like this.

So did some of you experience this, did it go away, on its own, or did you need to do stuff to fix it?


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    Talk to your general physician

    Only a stool specimen can rule out the scary stuff.

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    I would ask you to send a sample to one of my H&N comrades, but I don’t know who is qualified to render good advice.  You are probably ok, but as already mentioned, see a doctor to be sure.