Supplies that help post surgery

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I am a breast cancer survivor, but my friend's uncle was just diagnosed with lung cancer.  What are some items that any of you found useful post surgery to help yourself?  She would like to put some supplies together as gift and we would appreciate knowing what has been helpful to have on hand.



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    That's a hard one

    I had my surgery 6 weeks ago tomorrow (lobectomy of my lower right lung).  I'm still restricted to a 10 lb. lifting limit.  The hardest thing in those first few days (other than catching the flu and a UTI two days after my initial release from the hospital) was sleeping.  With less lung capacity than I had before surgery, I could only sleep on my right side and feel like I was able to get enough air, even though I use a CPAP machine with oxygen.  The problem was I could not feel comfortable in only one position all night.  I ended up having to get up several times a night and either walk around the house or sit in a chair for a while before going back to bed and laying on my right side again.  Anything you can give him to help him feel comfortable sleeping would, I'm guessing, be very welcome.  Specifically, that might depend on how he sleeps.

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    Thank you TigerJ52

    Thank you for sharing.  Maybe we could get him some hand sanitizer and/or Airborne tablets to help keep other illnesses at bay. Maybe some special pillows or wedges to aid with sleep positions.  We also thought about chamomile tea and peppermint tea.  Are there any things that a patient just should not have during after surgery that we should stay away from?