Scan? Irm? Pet scan?



Is your scan and irm true?

I did a lot of scan and irm with good results but during surgery the surgeon found the disease spread


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    Scans don't always show


    Just because you get a good scan or MRI doesn't mean there isn't anything there.  That is why sometimes doctors want you to do preventative treatment.  It gets the microscopic cells that the scans can't pick up.   Most of my stuff was found through surgeries, not scans.  I usually have good blood work too.

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    Hello Kaleena 

    Hello Kaleena 

    For me scanner is perfect but But on the irm there are tumors.The scanner never sees the tumors it's strange.Can it be difficult to see the abdomen....

    The irm seems better exam than the scanner to detect tumor in abdomen. 




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    you are saying you have 2 things right?  one is a scan (what kind of scan?) is it a PET Scan?  the other is an IRM is that what we have that is called an MRI?  If you can give us better information on what these 2 things are perhaps someone can give you better answers.  Hope you are doing well this week.   (((HUGS)))