CUP (Cancer with unknown Primary)

glennroberts Member Posts: 1

Is there an area for discusing CUP? For help in caring for a loved one with CUP?


  • JerzyGrrl
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    The places...

    Hi, Glenn - 

    For the CUP, perhaps the "other" listing under cancer-specific. 

    Also, many aspects of caregiving overlap, no matter what the cause. So reading the topics in this section and joining the discussions as they're applicable to your circumstances - and starting your own topic as you have here - are good ways to begin.

    Also, there's a toll free phone number on this web page to call for info. You get to talk to a real person who could probably give you some insight as well.

    Sorry you need to get this sort of info, but glad that you're found this site. There's lots of support, lots of good people with experience here.