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I want to reach out to fellow cancer survivors in my community.  I need help with how to start this service.  Any suggestions?


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    Getting started

    It helps if you can get a general plan. What do you mean by "reach out"? Where / how will you do this? Are there other organizations or people doing something similar? If so, what is working for them? Could you accomplish your goals by volunteering with them? Perhaps you could at least get some experience by volunteering with them for a while.

    If you want to do something that will need to be publicized, you could get your info out to churches, community centers, physicians' offices, a local newspaper calendar section, or as a Meetup group. 

    If you're going to plan to meet with others separately, you'll need to find a place that's safe, accessible, comfortable, and centrally located. 

    I'd say, start with a stack of paper and a pen, and start putting some ideas down on paper. They'll start to follow patterns, and help you see where you're going (or not). You'll also find making a list of "Resources Needed" will be helpful. Your resources can be as simple as phone numbers or physical locations, people with skills, and knowledge. You may also want to research what the needs of cancer survivors are in your area.