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Hi all,

      I'm just about 5 years post chemo/radiation treamtent for tonsil cancer. Going to get another PET scan soon just to put my mind at ease (I hope :-) ). Like many, I had a very hard time during treatment. I tried to be a "tough guy" and not get a feeding tube. That didn't go well and ended up getting one installed about halfway through treatment. I hated that thing and got it removed a month after my treatment ended. Still had major swallowing pain and needed calories/protein so came up with a smoothie recipe that i refined through the years. I drink this high-calorie smoothie, at least 5 days a week in the morning and I haven't come close to getting sick of it so wanted to share it with the community.

24 ounces Chocolate Almond Milk (Depending on where I am, I may use 1/2 fat free milk)

2 eggs (or just use egg-whites. Depending where I am, I get a carton of egg-white and use a couple tablespoons, can cut out the eggs if you want)

2 big tablespoons of plain yogurt

1 big tablespoon smooth peanut butter (Used to use Almond butter, but prices are insane)

1/2 Avocado (healthy fats, and really adds a nice, tasteless, smooth consitency)

2 tablespoons Coconut oil (can cut this out or replace with Olive oil if you want)

2 tablespoons Olive oil

1 scoop Vega One Chocolate powder (full of all kind of good vitamins, minerals, greens, Omega-3's)

1 scoop Green-Vibrance green powder (full of all kind of good vitamins, minerals, greens, probiotics, antioxidants).

Chill it for an hour.

This is my main meal for the day. Rarely eat lunch. Takes the pressure off getting good nutrition because eating is a real PIA. I can then enjoy some smaller portions for dinner. I'm 52 6'3" and really struggle to maintain weight at 184 as I'm pretty active. If I had to rely on eating solid foods, I'd say my days wouldn't be as enjoyable and I'm not sure I'd be getting the best nutrition since eating is so time consuming. I also juice (using a masticating juicer) a couple times a week. 

Anyway, I've completely changed my mind on diet and exercise. I feel great and have a lot of energy throughout the day.

By the way, I monitor my health through comprehensive blood tests at least twice a year. If your doctor won't do it or your deductible is too high, you can order them yourself. Look at directlabs. You can get a comprehensive wellness blood test for between 90-180 dollars (they run specials). Not available in all areas though. I do it to ensure my diet is having a positive impact on my body and adjust accordingly.



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    Great info. Thanks for

    Great info. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you

    Have not started treatment yet. Going to add this to my smoothie recipes.  Thank you

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    I'll pass on the raw egg.

    I'll pass on the raw egg.