Trying not to have a meltdown! Nodules found

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I'm hoping to find help bc I'm not sure the outcome will be good. I had a Ct done via ER bc my d-diner was high in Decembe.No clots but nodules were found (6,5,4 mm respectivel). So I went to see pulmonologist and he didn't think much of it and said he could tell me not to worry but he really didn't think it was anything to worry about.Also told me that he would repeat Ct in September. I was fine with that, then I was out of town and I thought I had low blood pressure bc I felt like I was going to black out more than once and went to an ER to get checked out bc I was having some chest fluttering in the past few weeks so they did a Ct and the ER doc told me I had a modular that was 8 cm and he could admit me and then I could have pet scan and possibly a bronchoscope and I said I'd go to my Dr.That was 3 weeks ago and the radiologist has had my disk to read and compare so I was upse. The Pulmonologist called this am and was so serious (He is supposed to be the best)and told me he wants to do a pet scan then explained everything about it and asked if I understood then asked me if I had any questions.I was in shock I believe bc I could only say well I hope we found it early and just take it out! How dumb on my part. Of course I wanted to know lots! Will I die, will I be sick, in pain, etc. so now what? How am I supposed to function with all this and is it curable, will I be a burden on my kids, I'm divorced for 8 years and live alone.i don't want to make my kids take care of me. I'm in college at my age bc I had to start over so any advice please! 


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    My husband had a CT scan and they found several nodules one measured 18 cm! They all turned out to be nothing. He does have COPD and severe emphazema. They did a repeat scan last month and one of the small nodules doubled in size. He just had his upper right lobe removed, it was stage 1 cancer, but they got it all. Good luck to you and God bless